Captain Hook 3 Island Cruise

Climb on board Captain Hook, an 85-foot wooden yacht that will astound you! 

On board Captain Hook, there are sundecks (with incredibly soft seats!), covered areas to unwind, tables to enjoy a refreshment, and naturally, a fantastic bar to grab your drink! 

Enjoy the Greek sun while stopping to admire the Dodecanese’s beautiful blue, watch the dolphins always happy to meet us, cliff jump into the rejuvenating sea, and more! 

We will make three stops on this journey, in the islands of Platy, Kalymnos, and Pserimos. 

Each one provides a unique perspective on the Greek islands, and when combined, they will be the highlight of your Greek holiday! 

Be astounded by the various stunning beaches and cute little ports we will dock on. 

Simply by wandering about the little village of Vathy on Kalymnos, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and history and learn everything there is to know about the infamous sponges, the amazing honey, and the revitalizing local orange juice! 

Worry not! You’ll have plenty of time to buy mementos for friends and family who missed out on this fantastic adventure! 



Dolphin watching in Vathy, Kalymnos

Cliff jumping and swimming at the island of Platy

Swimming at the beach of Pserimos island

Stop for swimming, exploration and lunch on the island of Kalymnos

Finding out about the tradition of sponge-diving in Kalymnos

Tasting the local delicacies of Kalymnos island (honey, Greek pancake, orange juice)

Lunch Included (traditional Greek menu)


Duration: 7,5 Hours
Departure:  10:00 Arrival: 17:30